Turkey Mountain Bloggers

Several have asked about people in and around Tulsa who blog about the variety of happenings at Turkey Mountain. Here’s a list of some of the ones we know of for you to check out! (Please note we are providing these links for you information only and do not necessarily support or endorse the opinions of the authors).

YogisDen -  Alan Bates of Tulsa, Oklahoma spends a lot of time hiking and volunteering at Turkey Mountain.

Proactiveoutside - Professional writer Bob Doucette shares his passion for the outdoors, fitness and outdoor culture

Miles to go Before I Sleep…. – Ken TZ Childress’ (AKA Trail Zombie) blog about trail running at Turkey Mountain and all over the world!

Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition – The coalition’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote the responsible use and enjoyment of Green Country’s urban wilderness areas for current and future generations.

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Do you have a blog about Turkey? Post in comments to share!



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TATUR Racing’s Snake Run is Coming to Turkey Mtn!


This unique race will be a six hour or three hour timed run taking place on mostly flat, nearly rock and root free, single track trails on the western side of Turkey mountain. The run will start on March 21, 2015 at 9:00 am, and finish at either noon for the three hour or 3:00 pm for the six hour. The course will head northwest from the old upper parking lot following some of the trails used in the Turkey and Taturs race including of course the Snake Trail. These are some of the smoothest and easiest trails on the “mountain”. We also have taken great pains to remove all of the larger snakes from the course. Just kidding. Actually, the snake trail gets its name because it winds around like a snake, not because of an infestation of slithery reptiles!

The course is actually an out-and-back, but for simplicity we’ll call it a loop. You will run 3.75 mile loops, hitting the turnaround in 2.1 miles, then you’ll run then route in reverse. One section is bypassed on your return trip, and you/ll hit the start/finish after 3.75 miles. Then you do it all again. How many laps can you run in three or six hours? It’s up to you.

There will be 2 aid stations, one at the start/finish area near the old upper parking lot, and one at the turnaround. You do not have to run for the entire six or three hours. You can run one out and back, run until you complete a 3.75 miles, atop at a half marathon, a full marathon or a 50K if you’re real fast.

First 250 entrants will receive a technical fabric T-shirt . You also will receive a medal that will have a front row row spot in your trophy case. There are also terrifying trophies for the top three male and female in both events.

Click Here to Register for this Awesome Event!

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Great Plains 10K Announces Proceeds Will Benefit Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Coalition



Get ready to run in the Great Plains 10k on Saturday March 21st, 2015!  The race will start and finish in Downtown Tulsa.  This flat and fast course will run along Riverside Drive and will be a great course for you a get a PR!

Great Plains 10k


The Great Plains 10k will host four 10k events located within the Great Plains of America.  The events will take place between March and August leading up to the Great Plains 10k Championship which will be held at the 2015 Plaza 10k in Kansas City, MO.  Proceeds of the Tulsa race will benefit Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Coalition which has the mission is to preserve, protect and promote the responsible use and enjoyment of Green Country’s urban wilderness areas for current and future generations.

register                 volunteer

NOTE: This race will not be held at Turkey Mountain but will benefit the preservation of urban wilderness.


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US Fish and Wildlife Service visits Turkey Mountain



Staff members from Northeastern Oklahoma US Fish and Wildlife Service facilities visited Turkey Mountain and Mooser Creek today. The federal agency is interested in exploring partnerships for environmental and conservation education.

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Biggest clean up day ever at Turkey with 140+ volunteers!!!! Thank you! Thank you!


Read the Tulsa World article about the clean up.

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Turkey Mountain Clean Up Saturday January 17th, 2015 @ 9:30 AM

Please Join Us! We would love your help with some fun and easy winter cleanup, all you need to do is show up with a positive attitude and a little energy to give back to Turkey Mountain. All ages and skill levels welcome.

Please bring work gloves and pruners / loppers (clearly identifiable as your own) if you have them!


Click the link to facebook and tell your friends you join you!


Special group assignment opportunities also available, to learn more you can reach us at byway of the group email webmaster@tulsaurbanwildernesscoalition.org

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Bands Booked, Weather Perfect, Glowhike Ready…This Saturday is BASECAMP!

Get your BASECAMP Passes Here!Music, games, camping, fire, glowhiking, and more will be at the main parking area at Turkey MTN this Saturday! The main thing we’re excited about? Weather forecasts are showing perfect camping weather in store! Get your camping passes here, or read on for more BASECAMP details:

Time/Place: BASECAMP begins at the main Turkey MTN parking lot on Saturday, October 4th, at 2pm for early arrivers. Play games, hike, and set up your tent before music starts at 5:45pm with Green Corn Rebellion. Next up is Ali Harter at 7:30pm, and Grazzhopper at 9:30pm.

Glow HikeGlowhike: One of the most anticipated events at BASECAMP is the Glowhike, featuring over 1,200 glowsticks on a 1 mile course. This event starts at 8:45pm, and is free of charge.

Food: Louie’s DawgHouse is our preferred food vendor at BASECAMP, offering delicious picnic fare and more. We’ll also have water and pop for sale. Want beer or other food? Bring your own…alcohol is allowed, but not sold. In the morning, we’ll have coffee and some breakfast items available.

Cost: If you would like to camp at BASECAMP, you’ll want a permit. One permit is good for one tent and occupants (up to 4 people). We highly encourage everyone to camp out…it’s a once-per-year experience at Turkey MTN! If you would like to simply enjoy the music and glowhike, come on in…it’s free of charge!

Sponsors: We are extremely grateful to our BASECAMP sponsors: Bicycles of Tulsa, TATUR Racing, and RunnersWorld Tulsa. Please support these three local companies the next time you’re in the market for a bicycle, shoes, or 5k race.

We look forward to seeing you at BASECAMP!

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BASECAMP – Turkey MTN’s Only Camping/Music Event is October 4&5, 2014!

Make the short trek to BASECAMP at Turkey Mountain! Set up camp and enjoy food, friends, family, fire, and fantastic music starting on Saturday, October 4, 2014. Get there early for the fun and games, then stake out your spot at the BASECAMP amphitheater to enjoy some chill live music from 7-11pm. Camp Setup begins at 2pm for Early Arrival permitholders and 4pm for all others.

Get more information and buy tent permits here!

BaseCamp, presented by Bicycles of Tulsa, TATUR Racing, and RunnersWorld Tulsa

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UPDATE: George Kaiser Family Foundation Owns 139 Acres of Turkey Mountain; Pledges not to Commercially Develop

GKFF land at Turkey Mountain - credit to Tulsa WorldOn August 27, the George Kaiser Family Foundation announced to several news outlets its ownership and part-ownership in a large swath of Turkey Mountain. In his statement to the Tulsa World, Jeff Stava, COO of the Tulsa Community Foundation, spoke about the land purchases:

“Over the past few years GKFF has been quietly purchasing property on Turkey Mountain adjacent to the city- and River Parks-owned properties to help secure this Urban Wilderness for all Tulsans to enjoy.”

This latest announcement reinforces GKFF’s already impressive efforts to improve the quality of life for Tulsa and the surrounding area. More information will no doubt be gathered in the next few days about the land owned by GKFF.  Get more of the GKFF statement and follow coverage of the story here:

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City of Tulsa: Half of Turkey Mountain Potentially Open for Business Development

In an unfortunate development, the City of Tulsa announced Friday, August 22, via press release and map that the entire west half of Turkey Mountain is no longer considered Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness, and can therefore now potentially be considered open for business development:

The Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, which includes many public trails that Tulsans enjoy, is not the tract of land identified for any type of retail development.” 

Turkey Mountain, as considered by the City of TulsaThe press release and map goes on to define Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness as only properties held by the City of Tulsa and River Parks. This narrow definition of the Turkey Mountain area runs counter to the public perception of the trail system, which is considered to run from the west bank of the Arkansas River to HWY 75. For users familiar with Turkey Mountain, this means that almost all properties west of the Powerline trail (and some portions of the Powerline Trail) are no longer considered a part of Turkey Mountain. The estimated total trail length will decrease from 45 miles down to 15 miles.

According to the City of Tulsa, the following trails and landmarks are no longer considered Turkey Mountain:

  • Any properties west of Powerline trail, excluding the corner of S. Elwood/61st
  • 90% of the Pink trail
  • 1/2 mile of the Yellow trail (north Spider turnaround)
  • Pepsi Lake
  • Snake trail
  • Fairy Dust trail
  • Pipeline Trail
  • The Westside YMCA
  • 30 miles of smaller trails/iconic features, including: the Washing Machine, Rock Garden, Jelly Legs (among others)


What Does This Mean for Turkey Mountain?

Eagle NestThis release constitutes one of the first conclusive statements regarding Turkey Mountain property lines from the City of Tulsa. Many users had publicly voiced the hope that the City of Tulsa/River Parks was in the process of acquiring some west-side plots for preservation purposes. At this point, that does not seem to be the case.

Without a doubt, this is an upsetting development. With the 53 acre Simon Outlet Mall building/parking lot complex in development, the City of Tulsa seems willing to entertain the prospect of further development down the 61st Street corridor. Individuals familiar with the Turkey Mountain area anticipate the following effects:

  • Rapid and continued development along the S. Elwood/61st Street corridor
  • S. Elwood/61st Street converted to 4 lanes
  • Loss of “Lipbuster” trail, upper parking lot, and portions of Snake/Pink trail due to street expansion
  • Development of supporting retail and commercial properties along 61st Street (additional strip malls, pharmacies, gas stations, etc.)
  • Loss of wildlife habitat, including eagle nesting areas
  • Potential loss of more land, as the City of Tulsa/River Parks may consider development within their property boundaries.


What Should Turkey Mountain Users & Enthusiasts Do?

It is the opinion of many that the City of Tulsa and River Parks need to focus on working together to conceptualize a Master Plan for Turkey Mountain. The failure to acquire any additional lands on the west side in the 30+ year existence of the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness would speak to this conjecture. Most would agree that the citizens of Tulsa would benefit from the following:

  • Missed Tourism Dollars - Turkey Never Mentioned on City of Tulsa websiteA master plan for the Turkey Mountain area, focused on preserving as much of the area as possible.
  • Initializing a new view of Turkey Mountain, not as land prime for development, but as an important quality of life and health improvement metric for the entire Tulsa area
  • Pursuing local donors and corporations to take a public role in promoting Turkey Mountain as a unique-to-Tulsa large-scale green space attraction, similar to The Gathering Place model
  • Promotion of eco-tourism to Turkey Mountain – currently, Turkey Mountain is mentioned precisely ZERO times on the entire City of Tulsa website
  • Working with landholders on the west side of Turkey Mountain to conglomerate preservation efforts under one City agency. River Parks would appear to be in the best position to take on that role.


What next? If you feel that Turkey Mountain is a place that needs preserved, PLEASE share this information. To make your voice heard, it would be highly beneficial to contact some/all of the following:
Email/Call as many city councilors as necessary
Email/Call the Mayor of Tulsa
Email/Call Simon Property Group
Sign the Ongoing “Keep Turkey Green” Petition 

Additionally, you may share the link to this post on your preferred social media outlets. If you haven’t visited Turkey Mountain and would like to know what the fuss is about, download a trail map here.

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